M1, EZ8, and M1KP Software Upgrade announcement


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Elk Products, Inc. announces software upgrades for the popular ELK M1 and M1EZ8 Security and Automation Controls, and the M1KP Keypad. Read the release notes before installing any of the upgrades. These software upgrades may be downloaded from the Elk Products M1 Dealer website. An ELKRM Remote Manager software upgrade will be available in a few days.

Application firmware 4.4.2 Changes:
1. Force arming - It is no longer necessary to enter a user code twice when .force. arming. The system can be .force. armed with one or more zones violated provide the zone(s) have all been enabled with the .force arm. option. This included interior motion detectors which might happen to be aimed in the direction of a keypad location.
2. Area Arming - New Zone definition #35 added - The main reason for this new zone def is to permit one of the keypad function keys to be assigned as a quick way to access the multi-area arming menu. A problem was also resolved which prevented scrolling up or down on the area arm menu IF the entry or exit time were active.
3. Low battery detect threshold voltage lowered from 12.0 volts to 11.7 volts. This helps eliminate a potential incident of a false low battery trouble condition which was possible during brief periods of high current draw.
4. Enrolling Bus Modules from ElkRP - All previously enrolled devices are now cleared prior to a new enrollment.
5. ElkRM * Key - The panel now recognizes the pressing of the * key from ElkRM as a silence for keypad beeps.

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6. 24 Hr. alarms - Resolved an issue having to do with display/activation of 24 Hr alarms above keypad address 7.
7. Burg Interior Defined Zones - Resolved an issue whereby Interior Def. zone would follow the entry delay timer even if not defined as .interior follower.. Interior zones must now be defined as Interior Follower if you want them to follow the delay.
8. Serial Connection of ElkRP - Resolved issue which prevented a direct .serial. connection of ElkRP following a disconnect from the modem connect method. This previously required a dialer report or power cycle to reset.
9. ASCII String Arm/Disarm - Resolved issue of user code not being verified as valid in an area whenever an ASCII string arm/disarm command issue.
10. Enable/disable Speech Rule - Resolved issue of telephone remote control not providing voice prompts if a rule was issued to disable speech. A telephone remote control session will now override the disable speech rule.
11. Exit Error - Resolved exit error incorrectly getting set if a delay and instant zone were triggered at the end of entrance time.
12. User Codes - Codes have been increased from 99 to 199. The default code reported for Keyfob arm/disarm is now 199.
13. Output Names (Descriptions) - Outputs 33 to 64 may now have custom names programmed. Their default is Output #. NOTE: The current release ELKRM and the M1XEP Web Keypad do not yet recognize these additional output names.
14. Lighting Dim Level Adjustment from keypad - Added capability to set the dim level in 10% increments (0-9) for most types of dimming lights from the keypad automation lighting menu.
15. Prox Card Reading - Resolved issue that occasionally caused a prox card read to disallow subsequent reads until the * key press was pressed.
16. Temperature Zone - Resolved an issue which allowed a temperature probe (zones 1 - 16) to make the ready light blink whenever a keypad zone is programmed and violated.
17. Changed the way the serial port requests Tasks, Output, and Lights so that it now requires the first character to be greater than a space in the name field and the show bit setting.
18. Rule trigger for 24hr alarm silence - Added the ability to fire a rule upon code entry following a 24hr alarm. (Disarming)
19. Phone Line Fault - Resolved issue which could falsely cause the dialer to report Phone Line Fault after firmware update.
20. Multiple logging of Entry/Exit Zones - Resolved issue which caused additional E/E zones to be falsely logged whenever an alarm was caused by any entry/exit zone.
21. Day/Night Rules flag is set upon power up.

M1 Bootloader 3.2.2 Changes:
1. Updated bootware to accommodate requirements of new application code.


Ok I upgraded and I keep getting Phone Fault and it is very annoying. I have Vonage and it works but this upgrade screwed up something. Any idea?



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Have you tried power cycling? I recall Spanky saying that the phone chip needed a reset.


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I was not able to upgrade to the latest bootware/firmware for the panel. While updating the bootware it stop at the 58% and gave me an error message "flash memory error" so I contacted Tech Support and they told me to send in the board for repair/replacement.

I also upgrade to the latest bootware/firmware for the keypad and now the whole system is acting really strange. For example: If I disarm the sytem DURING exit delay then it will activate my output 17 (relay) for NO APPARENT REASON. I had used output 17 (relay) with rules triggering and it worked perfectly normal PRIPR to upgrade and now it acts strange. I tried to revert back to previous bootware/firmware but cannot do so because the OLD bootware version is NOT available at ELK website anymore and also not available on the drop down menu. I contacted Tech Support to see whether they can send me the old bootware and never received it.

I also noticed that the latest bootware/firmware upgrade for the panel has been removed from ELK website. I assumed there have been a lot of trouble reports and that's why they remove they upgrade from the web site.


I powered cycled once but maybe I did not wait long enough. I used the switch on the mainboard. I did it again and waited about 15 secs and it seems to be OK now. No more phone faults so far. I will know more when I check tonight. Consider it fixed unless I repost.

I like the force arm feature. It should always work that way . Thanks