M1 install help needed

ellisr63 said:
So I can use the 8061 in another room for a temp sensor correct?
Yes, but not sure if you can use both the 8061 & 8051. I know there's a dipswitch setting for remote vs onboard, can't remember right now if that is a mutually exclusive deal or not.

Does this mean I need 2 cat 5 cables running to the 8870 plus the normal cable that is already running to the 8870?
I have the following run:

8870->8811(near PC): CAT5
8870->8061(in BRNook): CAT5
8870->Furnace: 16/5
The M1 does not currently have any display capability of remote temperature sensors connected to a Thermostat. The M1 displays Elk temperature sensors attached to zones 1 to 16.
Got the ELK up and running :) now I need to get the X10 working.... I tried pluging in the X10 module to the M1 but it doesn't seem to be working :-(. Isn't that all that's needed on the M1?