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My M1 arrived last week but due to finishing my taxes, I just started playing today.

I e-mailed ELK but Brad is out of the office today so I thought I would throw this out here.

To begin, and get familiar with the M1, I am bench testing the most basic setup. I have all 16 zones terminated with EOL's and a bell on output 2. I only have 1 line on the data bus with 1 keypad and so I have both J3 on the M1 and J2 on the keypad terminated. When I power up the system, all seems normal. The keypad shows the keypad address as #1 and the firmware version. It then shows the proper M1 serial number and then goes to the "Ready To Arm" mode. After about 45 seconds it begins to beep continously and I get a "Keypad No Comm" message. I have tried different combinations of jumpers with no luck. When I enter a user code the beeping stops but it doesn't do much else.

What am I missing here?
On one of my installations I got a Keypad No Comm message also. I had a bad rj45 connector at the data base hub from the keypad. I know you are not using the data base hub but a quick check of your wiring is in order.
Are you using a data bus hub. if not then in case of one keypad just use the regular 4 wire cable setup. You also don't have to jumper terminate at the main board. I did not. I only did that once I added the data hub. I used the default and never palyed with the jumpers as I also have only one keypad.

I added the dat hub as I added a couple of serial port expanders and was confused about jumper termination.

Sounds like one of the data bus wires Data A or Data B is not attached or wired BACKWARDS. Power down the control and measure the resistance between Data A and Data B it should be about 65 ohms. 120 ohms or above means not enough terminating resistors, 35 and below, too many terminating resistors. You only use two terminating jumpers plugs, one at the extreme ends of the data bus, whatever that is.

Press and hold the * key and F5 key for 5+ seconds then press the F1 key to set the keypad address to address 1 using the up and down arrows. Press Exit key twice to exit.

Enroll the system using installer program menu 1.

If you can arm and disarm with the default 3456 code the data bus is working. Look at user menu 8,6 and see if data bus errors are accumulating.

Check all connections.

Make sure that output 2 is programmed for voltage output. A bell requires voltage output programming option in Globals, but it comes standard as a siren output to use an 8 ohm speaker.

If all else fails, scream for more help!!! :)
I checked, and rechecked the proper wiring. I am using four wires of a cat 5e cable and am not using the data bus.

Spanky was right, the databus A wire was the problem. Everything looked O.K. but when I did a continuity check I realized there was a problem somewhere in the wire. Even though all was correct properly.... I installed a fresh wire and all is good now.

Back to the basics, that's one of the first thing I should have checked but it seemed to be operating ok and then stopped at the same place every time. Anyway, thanks for all the help everyone. I'll try to do more basic investigation before I post in the future. :)
Glad I could help. Do not hesitate to rack my brain.

BTW: If someone asks a question and I don't answer, I don't know the answer!!!