M1 power backup!


I suffer of no power issue for 3 days(live in miami,hurricane over my house)and have my M1 out of service and my house with no security so I need to implement some way to keep my M1 working in that case,please I need some ideas how to do this the best way,now I working installing a backup generator but I want someting that not stop working.
excuse my english!
Do you have any battery backup for your alarm panel right now? If you do, what about buying bigger (or more) batteries ?
Well, I can certainly understand living in Miami and being nervous that you don't have any home security for a few days!

Exactly what do you want to keep "running" with a backup power system? Fridge, lights, or just your security system. Are you planning on installing a backup generator then? Not sure exactly what you are needing, maybe give some more specifications.
I have the batt that coming with the panel but M1 not work with batt( that say the manual,you have to have ac),the backup I need is only for M1,I going to use a generator for the rest of the house but the problem is when the hurricane are passing you cant' go outside to start the generator and also during the day you have to go to work and the leave the generator off,but you have to have the security sist on,I know is a little complicated because I have a very specific situation,I'm thinking in some ups for all the sistem(M1 complete with some modules) but a regular ups not work more of 5 or 6 hours.I know you guys have a good idea that I can implement.
thanks in advance!
Instead of a backup generator, you might want to check out a standby generator. They are set to automatically kick in within a fraction of a second of the power dropping (this is from memory, specs might be slightly different).

I've seen them run off of gas and have automatic test cycles. They wire into your main electrical system.

They sell some at home depot even. I'm not an expert on them, but they are automatic (even if it takes a few seconds to kick in, you have batteries for that).

That might work...
Martin probably has the right idea of a bigger battery.

The M1 will cutoff the battery when the power supply reaches about 8.5 volts to protect the battery from deep discharge and going bad.

To figure about how long the battery will run the system, go to keypad programming user menu 8, then diagnostics menu, right arrow, then up arrow until you see the voltage and current the system is drawing. Multiply the value in Amps times the number of hours you want to run with no AC power and the answer will be the Amp Hour rating of the battery, more or less. Pick the next higher Amp Hour rated 12 Volt battery available. The true calculation can get alot more involved but this is a good rule of thumb calculation.

Martins battery that he showed will run the M1 drawing 1 amp of current for about 26 hours. + or -.

I suggest if you are going to use a battery over 12 amp hours on the M1, add an auxiliary power supply. Like the Elk P624 to assist the M1's power supply to recharge the battery. Add the auxiliary power supply across the bigger battery.

To make it even better, break the positive battery lead coming from the power supply through a relay on the M1 and write a rule to disconnect the auxiliary power supply before the 24 hour dynamic battery test. Let the M1 test the battery, then reconnect the power supply after the dynamic battery test. This way the test will only be testing the battery and the battery will not be aided by the power supply during the test.

To power up the M1 with no AC, you must short the two square traces on the PC Board at the extreme lower left side of the board next to the On/Off switch. This overrides the low battery cutoff. If the battery is at 8.5 volts or less it will cut back off.

I am sure you and many others in the path of the hurricane are having the same concern with systems shutting down with prolonged AC Power outage. This is the least expensive way to get prolonged up time on the M1.

Hang in there, our heart goes out to you all!!

The ELK Swat Team
Spanky said:
I suggest if you are going to use a battery over 12 amp hours on the M1, add an auxiliary power supply. Like the Elk P624 to assist the M1's power supply to recharge the battery. Add the auxiliary power supply across the bigger battery.
Is there a limit to how many batteries and/or chargers and/or power supplies you can connect to the M1? I thought that it wasn't recommended to parallel power supplies/chargers? Does the same rules apply to APC computer UPSs? I thought it wasn't advisable to add extra batteries to something like that, but it would be nice to get extra runtime.
very clear explanation,thanks to all for aport a idea;I still have a question:if the power going off exist a way to make M1 working automatic with battery without to have manualy start the sistem with dc,when the ac power going off my sistem turn off,dead,is that normal or I have sometin wrong?The idea of a bigger battery and auxiliary batt charger are perfect.
When the power fails, your M1 should automatically and transparently switch over to battery mode for at least a couple hours. If not, you either have something connected wrong or something failed. As far as I know, all alarm panels have a battery backup to prevent burglars from simply turning off your power.
WayneW is right.

The M1 will automatically switch to batteries upon power failure and run until the battery voltage reaches about 8.5 volts then turn the system off. When AC is restored everything will turn back on again and the batteries will be recharged.
Do you have a multimeter? If so can you put it in DC Volts and measure across the battery? Do this when the unit is plugged in and unplugged. Let us know the results.
Ok guys I check and everyting working perfect,now I know what happen last week,when the hurricane start I become scare of the variation of voltage and turn off the M1 in the master switch and later when the power fail I try to start the sistem with no power and no work,the M1 use the battery in a power failure when the sistem are on,thanks to all for help me