M1 won't report arm/disarm to nextalarm anymore


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I had to turn off my M1G while it was Arm Stay 2 days ago. It's been armed/disarmed several times since then, but none of the latter events have been received by NextAlarm.

I tried powering it off/on, no luck. I just tried tripping the alarm (still in test mode with nextalarm), they got that, but they're saying they didn't get any of the other reports (ie arm/disarm).

Any idea how to reset that?

NextAlarm has been monitoring my property now for 10 months so I advise to check several things.

1. Using ElkRP check your log to make sure you actually see these events (arm/disarm)

2. Using ElkRP, Communicator, User RC: Make sure users are enable (01) under the Pulse for both open and close.

3. Go to NextAlarm account and verify your setup to indicate the appropriate user(s)

Once you've done all of these and still don't see the NextAlarm log then you can tell them to check their end. This problem happened to me when Elk changed user ID 101 to 201 for Installer and I forgot to update my NextAlarm account.
As tantau said, make sure you have the user in the communicator reporting codes enabled for opening and closing.
Thanks guys, not sure how, but the user RC disarm got zero'ed out. I deleted the default user1, i must have screwed it up then.

Works fine now. Yet another example of user error.