M1 won't speak on command - Bad Dog!


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New install this week, all seems good except if I create rule that commands the M1 to say something. For example, if garage door becomes unsecure say one of the predefined messages. When I open the door I hear a half second of white noise from the included Elk speaker on output 1 and then nothing. The system will speak in the chime mode or during alarms (it seems like everything else is working perfectly, but won't speak on command. Any ideas? or areas I should look at?

Go to ELKRP and put the words you want to say in some unused zone definition and have ELKRP issue the command to say the words. If the words work, check how you are saying the words with the Rules. I suggest you program up Miscellaenous 1 phrase with the words to say, then have the Rule speak Miscellaenous 1 phrase. It should work with no problems.