M1G/M1EZ8 control script for Homeseer


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I wrote a script (vbs) for use with Homeseer, with a bunch of functions which allows one to control some aspects of the Elk M1G/EZ8 alarm panel in a very simple way. It's far from done, but I just wanted to see if there is any interest in such script before I move on to a different platform. Some of the stuff you can do:
  • Control any X10 (tested) & UPB device (untested): on/off/toggle
  • Display messages on your Keypad LCD's
  • Control any of the outputs: on/off/toggle
  • Activate tasks
I am planning on adding more functions (arming, custom values, ascii messages, etc.), and eventually will also support triggering events based on Elk status changes. The script has been tested with HS 1.7, but I think it will work with HS 2.0 as well. The code is also very simple, so it should be possible to adapt this for other home automation packages such as HAL, Girder, etc.

some usage examples:

my.elk.txt("task_activate","3") : activates the 3rd task
my.elk.txt("plc_toggle","a|4"): toggle A4
my.elk.txt("output_off","3"): turn off output 3
Very cool, thanks a lot. Yes, I am interested. Now I need to get HomeSeer up and running again (I recently moved). I want to test Insteon with it also, but the Elk will require the serial interface and mControl requires the USB interface. I guess I can test mControl with good old X-10 when I have time.
I posted a copy of the script online:


You can find the syntax and description in the actual functions, it's pretty easy to use. The only thing I have to finish testing is the display_message function, so if you run into problems, let me know. Next is the support for processing messages from the Elk M1 panel, so you can update devices and trigger events.
I thought you were done with HS. How come you are working on the development of these scripts so much and not CT 2.0?
it's one single script, and I am definitely still spending more time with CT 2.0 than anything else, don't worry :blink:
1.5 has been posted, it now supports monitoring the state of zones, zone voltages, outputs, and tasks (not completely finished yet). This is in no way a replacement for the HS Elk plugin that is out there now, but it does allow you to do some of the basic stuff if you are on a tight budget.
The redesign of CocoonTech, a major project. Sorry, I didn't mean to confuse anyone.