M1Gold with Stobe help


Hey guys....I have been reading this site for quite some time now. Great information. I am working on my automation project on my house and am having lots of fun.

I just recently connected and configured an ELK M1Gold and LOVE IT. I am now trying to connect a elk strobe to the unit so I can tell when the alarm has been tripped/reset or for some other sililar appliactions. I purchased an elk SL1 series strobe light and after reading the instructions 140mA @12Volts DC I cannot determine where to connect it to the pannel. I thought about connecting it to one of the regular outputs 7-12 but found out that the max Amp rating is about 50mA. I tried connecting it to Output 1 but the unit will not light.

Has anyone done something like this?

Thanks for your help.

I don't have an Elk myself (until tomorrow that is...) but I was reading one of the other posts' linked information and I suspect this has a clue for you:

I happened to read the other info right after reading your post...

The Siren Has Timed Out, So How Do You Know
An Alarm Has Occurred Before You Enter The Premises?

Entering your home or business after an alarm has been activated can be dangerous. Recent reports state that over 50% of burglars are armed with a deadly weapon (guns, knifes, etc.). If a fire activated the alarm, even if the fire is not yet visible from outside, entering the premises could cause smoke inhalation or serious injury. The use of an outdoor strobe can be a great way to alert you that an alarm has occurred, while at the same time making the premises more visible for authorities and emergency responders.

The strobe should be placed in a visible area outside. When an alarm is activated, the siren and strobe will turn on. The siren will time out based on the alarm duration setting for that type of alarm. With the rules below, the strobe will stay on until the system is disarmed.

THEN TURN Output 003 (Out 3) ON

THEN TURN Output 003 (Out 3) OFF

It is recommended to connect the strobe to output 3, because it has a higher current rating which the strobe needs to operate properly.
Good point however reading the maual on page 11 it states the following:

Output 3 is a Single Pole Double Throw Relay with form "C" contacts (Com, N/O, and N/C)

When connecting a multimeter to Output 3 I do not see any voltage.

Nope, Out3 can switch a higher voltage, but you have to supply it from an external source. I'm hoping to use Out 3 to control the automated HVAC register I recently won!
Where would one go about supplying the voltage.....Could I just use an old wall wort that is capable of supplying 12 volts dc with a min of 140mA and connect this to the strobe?

Then to interface the wall wort/strobe to the elk m1gold would i cut one leg from the wall wort and connect it to the com of Output 3 and then connect the other leg from the wall wort to the N/O connection?

I don't know the specs ont he the strobe, but yes, if the strobe only needs 140mA then the way you descirbe it will work like a champ.....

I think you will have to use rules to light the strobe....

PS: I'm seriously thinking about the ethernet module just so I don't have to switch back and forth for EP vs HS Plug-In.....
I ran into this as well when I installed mine. It's a little strange but not that bad.

Here it is:

1) Connect one of the wires from the strobe light to a Neg power terminal on the power bar on the lower left side of the panel.

2) Connect the other lead from the strobe to the N/O contact on Output 3

3) Take a jumper wire and connect from a +VAUX terminal on the power bar to the COM on Output 3

That's it!

Your strobe is then connected to Output 3
Output 2 can provide siren only to speakers, specifically designed for outside speakers that will alert the neighborhood. You can delay the turn ON of output 2 so if you have a false alarm, you do not tell the neighbor. Installer Global programming sets the Output 2 Delayed turnon time upon alarm.

If by chance you are using a self contained siren/speaker combination, you will need to reconfigure Output 2 to voltage output instead of siren output upon alarm. That reconfiguration setting is in the Installer Global programming.

Remember Output 1 will give you voice announcements and voice/siren upon alarm. It was designed for inside speakers.
For my siren at the office it's an Elk-45.

Not sure what I have at the house. I haven't tested the siren yet either at the house.
I connected my ELK strobe the way AutomatedOutlet said and it works well. The strobe is under the eaves. I have rules that will turn on the strobe when I arm the system via the remote as I back out of the driveway to confirm it received the message, also it goes on when the fire alarm or burglar alarm is activated.

The ELK power supply does have a milliamp limit that is in the manual. I don't remember it right off but was sufficient to power all my items. Make sure that all your motion detectors, sirens, strobes and other items when added together are within the limit.