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MainLobby 2.80 Released [Free Upgrade]


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MainLobby 2.80 Update Log
Login to download. The version may still read 2.75d, but please select anyways.



Added: Copy/Paste Multiple Buttons within and between Scenes (Design Mode, hold CTRL key to select multiple buttons)
Added: Load MLS file directly into RemoteFX/OverlayScene
Added: Load overlayScene from an overlayScene (replaces existing buttons in overlayScene)
Fixed: Web links were not being saved when using SAVE AS button
Fixed: loadOverlayScene (buttons were not rotating)
Fixed: When pressing New button in Menu Bar, MLServeCmd Startup and Exit were not being removed

Having fun with the new features
If you are upgrading, you can run setup.exe and reinstall the update to your Cinemar folder. It won't overwrite newer files that you may have created.

Once installed, load one of the new scenes (overlay_dvd.mls) that take advantage of the loadOverlay importer from the Scene Options Panel.
You'll notice a bottom navigation with four buttons along the bottom. This is actually a separate scene. This scene and buttons are only available while in launch mode to prevent the user from editing the scene. This scene is identified by pressing OPTIONS. At the top of the Scene Options Panel you'll notice the field: Remote FX or OverlayScene
This is where you specify which MLS file to load on top of your scene. You no longer need to modify countless scenes when you want to modify the menu system. Just load the overlay_navigation.mls scene and make the change, then save. This will affect this scene in every other instance that it appears within other scenes.

Load other Overlay Scenes from an Overlay Scene
You can now load another Overlay Scene from an existing Overlay Scene. Just edit the button and from the MLCmd drop down, select loadOverlayScene. In the field below, specify the MLS file to load.

You now have the capability to Copy/Paste buttons between scenes and on the same scene. Simply hold down the CTRL key and select multiple buttons. Then press COPY. You can either paste the same set of buttons and their properties to the existing scene or Press NEW or load a scene. Then from the Menu Bar and select PASTE. Your buttons will be placed in the exact position you copied them along with their respective properties and commands.


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2.80 copy / paste works great! Will take lots of time out of developing a MainLobby user interface. The overlays now seem to work fine too. Almost has me motivated to create yet another set of scenes...


DavidL said:
2.80 copy / paste works great! Will take lots of time out of developing a MainLobby user interface. The overlays now seem to work fine too. Almost has me motivated to create yet another set of scenes...
Hey David:

Why not post the scenes you have created HERE so we can be "inspired" by someone who knows what they are doing (i.e vs. me) ;)

What else is cool about this upgrade that you noticed?




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Be sure to play with the included scenes that demonstrate the new Overlay features.

The Copy/Paste is pretty self explanatory and should make life easier for everyone. ;)

We were planning on making this a 3.0 feature, but decided to release it now for everyones benefit.
I have been looking at getting Mainlobby for sometime. I'm really impressed with what some people have done with it. BUT. If I get it before I upgrade to HS ver.2 will I have to buy it again?


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No reason to wait for HS2.0. You will only have to upgrade the HS 2.0 (for fee). MLHSPlugin should work, or extremely likely have free upgrade. ML won't require upgrade to match HS2.0. ML3 would be next upgrade there, but that's still a ways off.