Microphones and VR


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Hi Everyone,

I've been tinkering with HA (Insteon mostly) for the past couple of months. I'm starting to venture in to VR and am trying to find a solid (cheap, but still effective) microphone for picking up commands. I am thinking something that I could mount to the ceiling or some inconspicuous place that could listen to an an entire room - particularly the kitchen or bedroom.

A second related question I have - right now, I'm just using a desktop microphone plugged in to the microphone jack of my laptop to test and setup some initial commands. When I close the laptop, it no longer is responding to voice commands. I am using Powerhome. The other triggers I have setup continue to work correctly. Does anyone know if the mic input is disabled when the laptop is closed? If so, any way I can enable the mic even when the laptop is shut?

Thanks everyone for the help,

My opinion is room mics simply will not work. It will hear too much and will spaz out on how much it recognizes. That is unless you have a way to use a button or remote to be able to shut it off, which I still have to play with...

I am using is the Star Trek badge approach. I am using wireless mics from Geeks.com for $8 and have modified them with a touch sensor. I put the device in my shirt pocket and it only listens while you touch it. Even then, if there is company or the TV is too loud, or I am too close to one of her speakers, I can still have trouble with false recognition, but it is getting better as I tweak it....

I have bought a decent Nada wireless mic for about $100, but so far, I am just as happy with the Geeks units. Now I use both, each running to a different computer so one is trained to my voice the other to my roommates. Which is a feature you lose when using a mic mixer type system...

Stick with a desktop mic, get a desktop machine... You can be creative and mount those mics pretty easily in a variety of places. Mounting a single mic in a room is probably not going to yield the results you desire.