Mini motion detector power


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I'm new to using 1-wire stuff and have a simple little network set up with a master hub and a few relays. No problems there.

I'm trying to get a mini motion detector working, but can't seem to get it to raise the data on the DS2405. I'm using OWFS, which is working fine for the relay board. I see the DS2405 in the filesystem, but the 'PIO' nor the 'Sensed' values change with movement. I'm polling the values every 1/2 second.

Since I'm seeing the 2405, I'd assume that the data and gnd are wired correctly. I was hoping that I could use pin 7 and 8 from the master hub (voltage is reading ~15v).

Do I need to use a different power source here?

That sounds like the correct way to wire it up.

I'm not very familar with OWFS but if you could try the OneWireViewer and see if that works for you then we could narrow down where the problem is.

Might not be related to your problem at all but owfs recently "fixed" some issues with 1-wire hubs. If you get proper readings with 1-wire-viewer as suggested then I would make sure that you had the latest and greatest owfs.
I thought that my OWFS might have been out of date, so I'd updated from CVS only to find that I was still seeing the same problem.

Then I noticed that with constant motion, eventually the 'sensed' value changes. It turns out that OWFS has a default polling time of 10 seconds. Using the "-t" parameter allows changing this value. Now it's working quite well.

Thanks for the suggestions.