Missing cable for the Thermostat Interface?


Hi. I got my M1 Gold and have a question about
M1 Lighting / Thermostat Interface &.Serial Port Expander
Its included as part of the gold package, but I am confused on how to connect it to the m1 board. I do not see any cabling requirements and the cable is not in the box. i wonder if its missing from the box or i need to get one separately. i got one for my ethernet expander and not sure if i need to get another one for the M1 Lighting / Thermostat Interface &.Serial Port Expander.
i have the rs-232 cable included but not the other one.


anyone? please advise.

[UPDATE] Ok, I see. its a regular rs-485 cable. but what about the connector that plugs into the M1 board?
The cable from the M1 to the M1XSP is installer supplied. It is 4 conductor or Cat5 cable and connects to the terminals on each board.