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Moderate new users?


Senior Member
I keep getting alerts for subscribed forums that are from link spammers posting garbage.

Has setting ALL new users to "moderated" been considered?  That'd cut down on the link spammers.  It would, unfortunately, trap any new user posts in a moderation queue until someone releases it, and sets their account to 'unmoderated'.
But it cuts down on hit-and-run link spammers pretty quickly.


Thinking all new users are moderated.  Here just report the spam as soon as I see it.  I am not set up for alerts here on new posts to subscribed forums.


Senior Member
I only see about one spam post per week or so. I don't get any notifications from them at all. I only get notifications from threads I subscribe to.


Senior Member
In other forums we have seen many reposted 2-3 year old posts from old threads. Since their English isn't usually too good, they cut'n paste an old thread post to sound on-topic.