MollyCam - box to operation - 10 minutes!


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I ordered the Panasonic BB-HCM331A network camera from yesterday morning. UPS delevered the camera today at 5:05 PM. MollyCam (Molly is my miniature schnauzer) operational at 5:15 PM. Priceless!
Opened the box. Took out the camera. I did not mount the camera. Just wanted to test it. Ran an Ethernet cable from the camera to my 8-port D-Link DGS-1008D gigabit switch. I have a Linksys BEF-SR11 router. Plugged in the DC power supply. There must be a 50 foot wire from the AC adapter to the camera plug. Inserted the software CD (AMD64 / MSI nForce 4 Ultra motherboard). Clicked on Setup. Setup found the camera. Clicked on Automatic Local Setup. Entered a user name and password. I was now watching Molly via my browser. Very nice image. Plemty of options I need to explore.
Panasonic offers a free home page on to view the camera via the Internet. You can also set up the camera using your own web server. I have not explored the documentation on either setup yet.
I also installed the free (single camera use only) Panasonic camera record software. Worked perfectly.
There is considerable documentation on the CD. I will be busy! I will probably try the site. I will post a notice if MollyCam goes onto the Internet.

P.S. My Sony CCD infrared fixed outdoor camera and GeoVision DVR card arrive day after tomorrow. I can't wait to compare the images and software options. I suspect it may take me more than 10 minutes to get the camera/DVR card operational.
I don't know if I can wait for you to test the Sony before I order my Panasonic. Your easy setup experience is exactly wht I was hoping for!
I think you will like the Geovision software, but you are right, it's going to take a bit more than 10 minutes to get it setup :)

The software has great remote capabilities and some very powerful conditional events...either by time, motion, motion in a specific area (I thought to was pretty cool you can mask off an area, like the road by a gate camera), etc. I have not tried the version 8 software, so if you are using that, let us know how it goes!

I have not tried the version 8 software, so if you are using that, let us know how it goes!
The GeoVision DVR (GV-650-4) card comes with the new Version 8. I should get the camera and DVR card tomorrow. I will set up both cameras (Panasonic and infrared) outside this weekend under the same conditions to get an image comparison.