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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- West Technology Research Solutions LLC (WTRS), a market research firm focusing solely on wireless technologies, today announced the availability of their analysis concluding that INSTEON(tm) is designed to become a pervasive technology in the home control market and there are no identifiable risks to adopting the technology.

"The options for automating your home are only limited by imagination; we may still be cave dwellers, but our caves today resemble those of prehistoric man only in that they are hollow and have at least one egress. The house of the future imagined ever since the Industrial Revolution and Jules Verne et al. is here. You and your house will be communicating wirelessly, via Internet and intranet. Home Automation & Control today consists predominantly of a series of parallel and independent networks that control lighting, appliances, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), entertainment systems, communication systems, data systems, and security systems," according to Kirsten West, principal analyst of WTRS. "INSTEON(tm) is about to change the existing frustrations of home control networks by offering an elegant yet simple wireless option. Consider X-10, the main workhorse of home automation and control, which is a powerline control protocol with an installed base of 7-10 million homes and roughly 1 million new home installations annually. INSTEON(tm), being fully backwards compatible with X-10, has a strong advantage in that it can piggyback on the X-10 installed base and can in addition also port onto any 802.15.4 compliant chip for the wireless component of the solution. Moreover, INSTEON(tm) is designed with a signal booster in each node, which means that adding INSTEON(tm) nodes into an X-10 installation increases the stability and robustness of the network. INSTEON(tm) is the only dual-band RF/powerline control (PLC) solution on the market today, and is on sound technological footing with its productization cycle an imminent reality."

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