More powerful approach brings appliances in line


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Executives of a company called Smarthome Inc. came to explain Insteon, a new scheme for networking various home appliances and security systems using radio signals and a house's electrical wiring.

Link to Article in Chicago Tribune

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My impression of the article:

The Author seems to think that anything and everything in Smarthome's catalog is Insteon;

"Thanks to Smarthome's Insteon, a TV set can initiate a cell phone call to tell an elevator downtown that it was damaged. Having appliances talk to one another throughout the house is a booming technology, said Smarthome Chief Executive Joe Dada."

Wow! I didn't know that was part of Inseton's protocol or capabilities! Guess I had better get me one each of those Insteon TV's, Cellphone and Elevators.


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your idea makes a whole lot more sense.

Do you really think the elevator cares or gives a whoot that the TV is damaged?