Mounting an Amazon Alexa Show 5 in the kitchen


Wife doesn't like the Amazon show power wires showing here in the kitchen.  There is a in wall mount now for the Amazon show 5 where you have to cut a large hole in the wall to mount the Amazon show which I will not do.
Found a 3D printed shelf made for the Amazon Show 5.  
Under the shelf making a tiny wall plate female barrel connector mounted on a piece of wood trim.  Feeding the wires down to the basement or under the sink area or purchasing a POE power splitter made for the Amazon and using this for power.

Here is the tiny space to mount the Amazon show 5.


Also here updated my Panasonic phone bases (two of them). One is in the study on the desk and the other is in the kitchen. One is using main two phone lines and the other one is on main and aux phone line.

The kitchen Panasonic base is mounted on a wall in the kitchen on a telephone wall plate mount.

Under the mount installed a small shelf. Upping the size of that shelf about 8 inches or so for installation of an Amazon Show 5 and or will be using the Panasonic base as a charging station for the cell phones (which are typically off). Many folks have been calling now using the Amazon Show 5.

To mount it here just changed the power supply to the new type of power supply and it is currently inside of the Leviton panel (battery backed up) which it always was. The old Panasonic 2 line base used a barrel connector with power reversed to standard. This one uses a modified RJ11 plug.




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Are you putting that power supply in some sort of enclosure?   With exposed 120VAC terminals, it really should be.  Also should be on a GFCI circuit, especially being under the sink.


Thank you RAL.

I am using something similiar now for the LED LV lighting outside except that it is in a weather PVC inclosure.

It was going to be installed in the back of a 4X4 box.  But thinking about it I can go with an enclosed LED power supply in a similiar fashion to my LED lighting.  Forgot here that the duplex outlet under the sink is switched.  The outlets above the counter are all on a GCFI circuit.
None the less the shelf is too large for the corner by one inch on one side.  The measurements listed were to the opening in the corner which is one inch.
I can also go to an inwall 5VDC charger with 2-3 amps on it for the PS to the Alexa Show.  I just do not want to see the dangling cords.


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After hating the voice on my 8" Show I have discovered that it understands our voices when two other Echo II devices don't. Even though we sit about 8-10 feet from the Echo IIs and talk directly at them, the 8"Show will hear us and respond from about 18-20' behind us in the kitchen with the sound bounced off walls first! Amazing hearing skills.
So for lack of a better place, I cleaned the cooking drips off the face from the microwave above and plugged it in at the other end of the room, on top of the huge tower speakers for my A/V setup.
The Show still hears better than the side located Echo IIs, despite the TV audio blasting with a movie playing!. Also we can now see the screen from our Lazy Movie watching chairs. Only thing is the native tilt of the screen is too steep and it needs a wedge underneath it to make the monitor face more perpendicular to our eyes.
Most times we have to mute or A/V to get the side Echoes to even understand our lighting scene requests. I don't know how they did this A/V sound rejection but it is very awesome and I am very impressed with the beside the TV, on top of the speaker positioning.
I have read, and I believe this to be true, that microphones should not be against walls, so this mounting may be doing the reception a disservice for understanding accuracy. I have turned my ecobee 4, Alexa feature off, after the second trial over the years, as it hears so poorly against the wall. I think it may confuse the ambient sound detection algorithms built in to the ecobee4 stat.
Also speakers should not be mounted in corners as it amplifies the bass response which may be a negative for the already muffled, too much bass, sound of the Show.


Yeah here have the kitchen that opens to a great room (TV room) and the current Amazon Alexa Show 5 is on a kitchen ledge (catch all) which opens to the great room.
Echo near the Television is current muted and I have an Amazon Dot connected to the Russound system in the basement for mostly TTS announcements.  Using the kitchen Show for video calls only.  I do still want to mount it near the ledge but up in a small corner between a kitchen cabinet, wall and ledge.
The shelf is a 3D printed plastic shelf.  I could just cut it down in size.