mousetrap 2.0

I can't make out how the "black" part works. Can you elaborate on where that part goes and how it works?
The black box is a mousetrap that will electrocute the mouse when it gets inside. I have some more detailed pics of the inside here. The black box slides into the cradle I built, which is connected to the gang box which doesn't have a backing (low voltage type). So all I had to do was remove the phone jack, install this gang box, and the con'trap'tion can be mounted without any issues.
So how did you test it to make sure it works? Did you get a mouse yet or its there a test button you can push?

What is homeseer saying when it gets a mouse?
When I turn it on, it does a test, which is what I used to try it. Right now it just says "Attention: mousetrap has been activated", it was a test event I created a while ago, I will upload anotheronebitesthedust.wav tonight ;)
peanut butter, but these mice are really smart, I am ready to bait them with a hooters waitress or something.
I must have dumb mice - the cat got another one tonight. That's 6 this autumn so far. Let's see, given the vet bill I just paid, that's about $110/mouse. How much was your unproven solution, e?

I just got two with the good old fashion sticky glue traps. I think they work the best. I did have poison out but those darn mice wouldnt eat it. I hope thats the last of them. I dont have a clue how their getting in. I thought i must have left the door open or something because there arnt any holes on the outside of the house.
I used glue traps last year, but they are very hard to deal with, and you still have to kill the mouse or the risk of escape is very high. This is a little cleaner, so hopefully this will do the job (I also have a need to mount the trap against the wall so I can get them out of my walls).

My trap was $20, hopefully TCO will drop soon ;)
You have to be careful using poison in the house as sometimes they will die in the walls and smell...

I prefer the old time traps with peanut butter on them. The best bet is to set the trap and move the triiger so it goes off with the slightest touch. I had one mouse in the previous house that could lick the peanut butter clean off the trigger. He did that for a few nights until I wound some thread around the peanut butter and cause him to set off the trap. In the end he bit the dust. That house was next to a field and I musthave gotten 20 mice every fall. No holes in my house that I could find... they don't need much to get in.

Electron you should wire a camera to watch the traps... I would love to see how those mice look like playing in the walls.... lol

judging by the way they are triggering the hawkeyes, they are break/freak dancing lol. But I agree about the poison, I didn't want any smells either, so I have to 'extract' them out of my walls.
Actually I believe that the shocker is more like a difibulator... so its a static discharge so it shouldn't cause any burnt rodents.