MythDora: Easy to install MythTV 0.20


Staff member
Some of you might have heard of MythTV, and it's great flexibility, but will probably never install it because you aren't familiar with Linux.

Knoppmyth is definitely one way of doing it, but it looks like they don't support the latest version yet.

MythDora on the other hand seems to support the new 0.20 release, but runs on Fedora instead of Knoppix. Basically, these CD's do all the installation work for you, so you don't have to be a linux expert. If you have some spare equipment, I would definitelly recommend taking a look at MythTV. It also looks like it supports the MediaMVP unit now.

I was planning on downgrading my Vista MCE machine back to 2005 this weekend, so I will probably give this a try first and report back on how it went.

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