Need a door and window contact education


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A friend of mine just completed a new huge garage and wants to be able to know if a door or window has been opened or left opened. The first place we were going to start was installing the window contacts and he wants the recessed contacts. The windows were just hung so it's time. My question is which ones to use? I have easy access to the interior walls and the windows are new single hung vinyl windows. The magnets look too long/deep to drill into the side of the window pane to mount a "push in" magnet. On the opposite side of the window do you drill a hole in the "area where the window slides"? I had originally suggested to wire all sensors in series but he has since decided to run a wire per window. Could all of the wires be combined and connected to say a powerflash to detect a broken contact? I should state that he doesn't have nor does he want a security system. Just a simple lamp on to alert him to a door or window being left open.
Rupp, look at my Security How-To for a couple of examples of magnetic contacts he could use.

Be aware that most windows warranties are voided when you drill through them.

Also, I can't believe he sprung for a new garage and can't afford even a simple security system after going through all the trouble wiring to the windows and doors so I'm sorry, I can't in good concious, give you advice on wiring those contacts in series to a mere power flash!

Just kidding. He has no other way of notification? Does he have any wires to where he wants to monitor the garage status?
Can I glue the magnets to the window? i.e. what kind of glue will stick to the magnet & the vinyl (without melting the vinyl)

I was just going to use a little screw to mount the magnet, but glue might be a better idea to avoid putting any holes in the window.

I used the rare earth magnets for my windows. I drilled a hole the same size as the magnet, squirted a little silicone in the hole, and pushed the magnet in the hole. The covered with latex white chaulk.