Need details on upgrading Moose Z1100 to monitor, able/disable via iphone


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I have a 25 year old Moose Z1100 that works perfectly, I just want to be alble to monitor, disable/able via iphone if possible.

I'm also pondering on a Elk M1 Gold as a replacement to add these features, if anyone has input I'd be glad to hear it!

The main reason I'd like to keep the exiting system is to use/re-use the existing wiring I placed when I built the house...I much prefer wiring over wireless systems.

I don't know of a way to monitor/control the Z1100 over the phone.

If your system has EOL resistors on the zones, replacing it will an Elk should be a straightforward upgrade, as it uses the same EOL resistor values. Other alarm panels use different values, making for extra work.