Needing a New UPS


My CyberPower 1100 AVR UPS unit stopped working. Piece of junk didn't even last two years.

Anyway rather than risk getting new batteries I would rather get a new brand of UPS unit.

I was thinking of going with one of the following Tripp Lite brands:

Tripp Lite 1000 VA LCD

Tripp Lite 1500 VA LCD

Tripp Lite HT1000UPS

Does anyone have any experience with these models? Can anyone recommend a brand that they had really good luck with?

I'm especially curious of the difference between the two different models of 1000va Tripp Lite units. :D


All mine are APC and I have had them for many years. I have replaced the batteries only on the two oldest.


I like the APC units. The batteries last a long time and are inexpensive and easy to replace. They can be found easily from most major online retailers and last about two years (depending on use). It typically costs me about $20 for a battery.
Got a Tripplite (smaller unit tho) some time ago for a desktop unit--it was okay, but the batteries didn't seem to last as long as I though they would.

I picked up another APC BX-1500 for $99 (on sale) from Office Depot, they're back up in price now, but can usually be had for $149 or so. There may be further specials on 'em, espcially that $99 price point. I would check pricing engines and see what they say, as well as some of the discount coupon sites. (I'm not putting any URLs in, I don't recall the policy on URLs and don't want to have a post bounced...PM me and I'll send ya all the URLs/RSS feeds I use)

I like the APC BX series (and related ones) as you can piggy back an add on battery pack to it and nearly triple your run time, important for keeping my satellite dish and Tivos up and recording! :D They're especially critical down here in Florida I've found--not so much for Post hurricane use, but really the power is generally crappy--I can't tell you how many times I've come home and had to reset clocks!
I like the APC units too. I have an XS 1500 that is going on 3 years on the original battery and it gets used a lot (our power goes out al the time).
I have a Belkin 750 backing up my M1G system plus modules, DSL modem and Wireless router. Will add wireless phone soon. Its working OK, but the beep that sounds when the power fails in really annoying, and there is no way to turn it of by default. Since it is in a room next to mine, I hate having to wake up during the night to shut it off.

Is there any brand/model were you can disable this functionality? 99.9% of the instances when the power fail I can tell it anyway.
I would take the ups apart and clip the speaker leads or desolder the speaker. Come to think of it I should do that myself, it's not like the lights being out in the house isn't obvious enough...
We use a lot of the APC xs1500 and BR1500 units for workstations at work. We have about 2 dozen of them in various offices.

They are thin, Seem to work well and there are a few of them that I believe are over 2 years old.

I have a few of the Tripplites you mentioned. The oldest is about 6 months or so. We have had a few blackouts and no problems but they are still relatively very new. I bought the latest one (the 4th) this past weekend.

You can get them at Costco for $99. Cant remember which version it is and they seem to be almost identical.
hucker said:
I would take the ups apart and clip the speaker leads or desolder the speaker.
The APC BX1500LCD allows you to turn off the speaker for all but major faults, i.e. it won't beep in a power failure.