Networking iPaq 3870s


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I picked up a few iPaq 3870s from ebay for almost nothing. They work great but the batteries are dead on all of them. I plan to re-package them in wall-mount enclosures and use them as small touchscreen devices around the house.

My question is - how can I get these on my local network? They each have serial and USB connectivity, and a small SD or mini SD slot. They also have bluetooth built in. I do not have the large piggyback carrier that allows PCMCIA cards to be attached (I don't think that would work with my re-packaging plans anyway).

I would prefer a hard-wired solution if possible but will use bluetooth if no hard-wired solution exists. If I have to connect these through serial or USB to a PC for "networkability" I need some type of connection that allows multiple units to simultaneously be connected (and communicating) with a single PC.