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Well as of this morning, I have a new automation project I was looking for feedback on: Automated diaper changing (I am now the proud father of a baby boy)....

I was looking at the Automated Outlet site but found nothing.

I thought perhaps there was a driver for CQC, but alas no.

I looked at the tips and tricks for the Elk... nothing.

I looked through the MainLobby packages and nothing in those screens.

I even looked at all the Homeseer plugins.... nada!

Insteon devices now or in the future? nope

ZWave support? None I could find.

Functionality from UPB after a slight pause to check for double/triple clicks? no

Theoretical discussions on possible implementation designs from Upstate Mike?
Not yet

What the hell? This can't be a new problem... Any recommendations?

;) :D :D
Hehe, well the baby's name is taken care of already (Jason Michael), we can work on a name for the automation project though...

Just think of the revenue opportunity in this project.....

(rushes off to patent the concept of changing diapers)
My 2nd child was born on 5/24/06, and I'm was pending to post the good news here, but with so many things happening at the same time I forgot about it. Actually, my wife's dad died the same day (he was sick already), so it is difficult to mention one event without remembering the other. That's life. ;)

Anyway, I should had come here, because at the time of birth we had not decided on a name yet - it took us a few more days to choose.

Congratulations Mike!
Mike said:
Theoretical discussions on possible implementation designs from Upstate Mike?
Not yet
I have the outline of an idea. So far it involves a whole-house vacuum system and an extra large tesla coil... I'll let you know when I get it worked out.

Congratulations on the new addition!
Congratulations on your new addition.

I would be happy to help program the M1 to wake you up every two hours while in a deep sleep. ;)
I heard that "they" are coming out with something new. I think the estimated time frame is about the 3rd quarter of 2012. It will be called "6yr old Kid". From what I hear you will then be able to simply use voice commands and have the "6yr old kid" do whatever you ask. I am currently a beta tester for the "6yr old kid" and I must admit it is nice. However, every now and then it simply stops responding for no aparent reason.

Enjoy them now while their cute. Congrats!
Congrats Mike and elcano!

Squintz: Problem with the 6yr old kid is it completely malfunctions at 13.

Mike - I understand they were testing a model that worked ok but they are having difficulty making it waterproof which they found was required for changing boys (garden hose syndrome) :lol: I think they are redesigning and will be available in 3 years - just when you won't need it any more! Good luck...
Well I have been running the 6yr old kid beta for the past 3 and 5 years.

I have noted some problems during the beta test.

There tends to be periods of complete incomprehension.
There are many issues with tasks being left incomplete.
A constant occuring of items dropped and rooms left in a chaotic state.
Fits of incompatibilities which usually end with a constant loud noise.

And last year 1 of the them hacked into computers systems in the house and attempted to upgrade himself.

And know I find out it completely fails when 13 is reached .... UGH... :lol:

Congrats on the new baby. Enjoy....