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uControl announced their alarm monitoring service, which is mainly targetted at broadband and cellular customers. Looks like this service is similar to NextAlarm, since they also provide a web interface to manage your system, and is compatible with existing alarm systems. Service will be available starting in November.

For more information, or a demo, check out
AUSTIN, TX and NEW YORK, October 11, 2006 – As more consumers switch to VoIP and digital cable phones or choose a cell-phone-only lifestyle, they often find themselves forced to keep their traditional phone line to operate their home security system. With the introduction of uControl (, consumers, for the first time, can protect their home with always-on security monitoring from both broadband and cellular connections, eliminating their dependence on traditional phone lines.

uControl differs from traditional alarm services because it provides three redundant connections (broadband, cellular and telephone) for always-on security monitoring, plus it offers remote access and control so homeowners can manage their home security – anytime, anywhere – from the Web or from their cell phones.

Always-on Physical Connectivity
"uControl delivers the first home security service that keeps people truly connected," says Jim Johnson, founder and chief executive officer. "When consumers switch to uControl, they get a security system that provides redundant, back-up connections for always-on monitoring even if their phone line is cut or they switch to VoIP service."

Virtual Connectivity
Homeowners can also monitor and control their homes remotely from any computer or cell phone, giving them more flexibility and control to keep connected with their homes and families.
"uControl allows you to arm and disarm your system from work, receive alerts when your children get home from school, or use your cell phone to make sure your house is secure before entering," Johnson says. "The uControl security system lets you personalize how you manage your home security."

Compatible with Existing Alarm Equipment
Almost one out of four U.S. homes, or 26 million homes, has a security system, according to Parks Associates. uControl's product and technology is compatible with most existing home security equipment, so homeowners can use existing keypads, controllers and sensors already installed in the home.

Priced at $24.95 a month for the broadband-only plan or $32.95 per month for the broadband plus cellular plan, uControl provides more features and services at a lower monthly monitoring fee than traditional alarm companies. Homeowners that switch to uControl choose three-year or month-to-month plans. And like traditional alarm companies, uControl provides the same dispatch capabilities for police and fire emergency personnel from UL-licensed monitoring centers.
quoting their site...

Is uControl available in my area?
uControl is currently limited to selected areas of Texas, but we have plans to expand to additional markets in the near future.

uControl's service only works once the uControl Link is connected to your existing home security system.

How difficult is the uControl Link self-installation?
Installing the uControl Link takes about 20 minutes to complete for most people.

So what is it? Apparently a universal keypad/cellular modem in a box....
The uControl Link actually emulates a keypad, allowing a user to control their system remotely. The Link also contains a field upgradebale wireless card allowing uControl to utilize the best wireless providers now and in the future.

Future add-ons will include wireless home automation features like thermostat and lighting controls, as well as IP based cameras.
Digger said:
A little steep in price for bringing your own equipment in my opinion.
Exactly! I would not be surprised if they change their pricing to compete with existing alternatives...