New Elk Install


Hey Guys,

I am going to put an Elk M1 Gold in my house. I would like to verify that what I think is what you guys know.

I have the following system requirements:

1.) Home security is requirement #1
2.) Wireless sensors
3.) PC communications
4.) Expandible GPIO (non security related, state I/O to PC)

For 1, I assume that a package like this will work:

Are there any well know discount sources of these? I like smarthome, but I don't like paying too much.

Is Elk Home Security top notch, or just damn fun? I know it is damn fun, but is it a good system?

For 2, do I simply wire up a caddx device like this and start configuring?

and use this kind of wireless sensor:

Is caddx the accepted way to do this, or is there something that is preferred?

Plus, what is the difference between caddx and crystal? Can I use either?

For 3, is the RS-232 port on the Elk fully functional? Can I just wire up an RS-232 cable and start talking? Is the protocol openly defined? I want to be able to monitor the system, and read/write to the GPIO.

For 4, are these my only choices?

Or is there a "homebrew" community involved in Elk GPIO?

Thanks for any answers anyone can provide.

- jason
1) Here is another source that will meet or beat that price and give excellent support.

top notch AND good fun... Elk has a long history in the security industry under their old name, Moose Alarm

2) yup. Caddx is the way to go, at least until Elk ships their RF receiver.

3) yup. the spec is on Elk's website

4) yup, those are your only choices.