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New Elk Panel


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Maybe adds to the fact they have not announced new integration with Lutron RA3.  Would make sense to integrate with a new platform if they were building… SJ


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This is a picture of Elk's new E27 Alarm Engine from Elk's Facebook page.  It looks like it has onboard ethernet integration.  Let's hope this means better ethernet integration and reporting than the current setup with XEP.


I specifically reached out to Elk Products about what the release of a new series had in regards to the M1 series. Michael Burrell replied that "Absolutely the M1 Gold as well as its supporting products will be supported and updated. We have some new products planned for the M1 platform in the future as well."

In addition there was the following response when asking about existing M1 series expansion modules "The M1 Bus Devices (keypads, input expanders, outputs expanders and serial ports expanders) will not work with the E27. the E27 has a different bus protocol."

While it is very exciting to see that Elk is continuing to develop a new series, it's also good to know that the M1 series will also continue to receive development and support.

As I already have an M1EXP module and integrate Z-Wave via a HomeTroller Pi G3 with HS4 and The UltraJonesM1G3 plugin, I would need to see more compelling reasons to upgrade at this time. Especially in light of the need of new keypads and expanders.