1. snesgenesis


    Good afternoon, I’ve been having issues with my m1exp unit. I’ve owned the unit since 2011 and up until the last couple weeks the unit has been randomly disconnecting. I usually power cycle it and it comes back online, but as of late last night it is not ping able. I use my router to issue the...
  2. philgrocks

    Elk M1DBH located in guest house (far from M1)?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at a new install of the ELK M1 system in a large home and guest house. House: - Locate M1 - Add a M1DBH for the house keypads and a M1XIN for extra zones for the main house Guest House - Add M1DBH for the Guest house keypads and a M1XIN for the zones in the guest...
  3. RogueOne

    Does this work with M1 Gold?

    ELK-319DWM Window door sensor. Thanks