1. L

    ELK-M1XRF2H V2 Help

    I have the ELK-M1DBH connected to the data bus on the M1 gold board and a elk-M1KPNAV connected to the M1DBH via a RJ 45 jack, is it okay to connect the M1XRF2H V3 to the M1DBH or it’s better connected directly to the data bus on the m1 board?, thanks in advance for all the help.
  2. CT Droid

    Review ELK M1 Gold

    ZONES/INPUTS 16 On-board Up to 144 Wireless Up to 208 Total OUTPUTS 13 On-board: 1 Voice/Siren, 1 Siren/Voltage, 1 Relay, & 10 Low Current Expandable to 205 AREAS/PARTITIONS Up to 8 with separate account codes, arming/disarming, etc. HISTORY LOG 512 Events with Date & Time Stamp...
  3. L

    M1 Gold Output 2

    Hi, Apologies in advance if this has been answered before, i did search the forum but it's still not clear to me how to setup output 2. I have a self contained siren and it is making a crackling noise when global option 26 is set to siren. From reading other topics, people have said you...
  4. L

    M1 Navigator Jumper Size

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows the jumper size for J1 on the Navigator keypad? I can't find the one that came with the unit and the one that comes with the m1 board is too big for the keypad. I am thinking it is 2.00mm as the one on the m1 board looks to be the standard 2.54mm but...
  5. M

    M1XIN Failure?

    I have an M1XIN that is connected to an M1DBHR. It shares a port with a keypad. Both the keypad and M1XIN have worked fine for years and I've made no changes recently so I don't suspect address conflicts etc. The keypad still works fine so I know that the port is working. I seem to have...
  6. S

    Problems enrolling ELK-M1XRFEG on my ELK M1

    I recently disconnected an M1XIN that was no longer needed from my M1. I replaced the jumper on the data bus hub, removed the expander from the system, and hit the 'enroll' button on the software to update everything. Weirdly the ELK-M1XRFEG is not registering on the system. It has power, but...
  7. D

    Elk remote access and Starlink

    Has anyone been able to access an Elk M1 remotely using only Starlink? I have a request to install an Elk system but the home only has POTS phone and Starlink. No cell service available.
  8. E

    Interlogix Door Sensor (TX-1012-01-1) compatible w/ Elk

    I have an Interlogic door sensor (GE part # 60-688-95) that I cannot enroll in the Elk. I have other GE (either CADDX or Interlogic) sensors that have been going great and easy to setup. I have an M1XRF2G and it states this sensor should work. On the side there is what I think is the TX ID...
  9. snesgenesis


    Good afternoon, I’ve been having issues with my m1exp unit. I’ve owned the unit since 2011 and up until the last couple weeks the unit has been randomly disconnecting. I usually power cycle it and it comes back online, but as of late last night it is not ping able. I use my router to issue the...
  10. philgrocks

    Elk M1DBH located in guest house (far from M1)?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at a new install of the ELK M1 system in a large home and guest house. House: - Locate M1 - Add a M1DBH for the house keypads and a M1XIN for extra zones for the main house Guest House - Add M1DBH for the Guest house keypads and a M1XIN for the zones in the guest...
  11. RogueOne

    Does this work with M1 Gold?

    ELK-319DWM Window door sensor. Thanks
  12. R

    New Elk Panel

    I received this email linked below from Elk today.  This part caught my interest:      What's next for ELK? ELK has a lot of new and exciting products on the horizon, we have been working hard to finalize our new platform and control.   ...