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Since I am working on the new version of CocoonTech, I am considering buying either the Blog module, or the Gallery module, both integrated with your forum account. As I don't want to invest in both right away, I figured I would have you guys vote on which would be the most desired feature. Even if you only post once, or are a lurker, please vote, as my decision will be based on the results!

Gallery features:
Member Features: Personal Albums

* Create Multiple Albums
* Delete Albums
* Set to public/private
* Moderate within own album

Member Features: Favorite System

* Mark images as favorites
* Remove images from favorites
* Download favorites as a zip file
* View favorites in User CP

Member Features: Other Features

* Comment on images
* Image Rating
* Image Comments
* Image sorting options
* Quick Reply

Misc Features

* Slideshows
* Image view counter
* Image comment counter
* View image filesize
Damn Rupp, where have you been? Just kidding :D A blog is short for web log, basically a personal online diary, people use it to vent online, and other people can read it. Many people have their own blog now, it's not something I would do personally, but since they are pretty popular, I figured I would offer it as an option. Check out to see some examples.
I want both but priority would depend on how the spaces would be handled. I would like to see Cocoontech become a source of NEW news and less of a source of new from other sources. I think the personal blog space would be a great way for users to contribute articles and news. The personal photo gallery would help us by allowing us to store images on the cocoon server and not have to worry about them in the future.

One thing that I would like to go along with the above features is for a special user group to be formed. A private forum could be set aside for us to discuss things such as leads to upcoming news. By keeping the forum private it would limit other sites from just jumping in and stealing all of our leads. It would also give us a place to get help with our articles befor anyone has to read them and catch all the errors.

If we can start providing our own news instead of others news then we can RE-submit cocoontech to the Google News.

I Voted both but since BOTH is not a real option right now i would go with the gallery. It seems like it will be the most useful
One other thing. Can you add options to the profiles. If you can i would like to see a option to enter your VOIP(Firefly, ect.) numbers.
That's on the list of things to do already, I will try to make it so you can have a more advanced profile which will have details about your setup etc.

As for the news, not every news article on Cocoon is just a repost (press releases are of course), but users are more than welcome to submit articles already, I posted that announcement last year. If you have a great news story, and it has been well written, I will move it to the front page.
I voted for the gallery, but in reality I don't think either is really necessary.

Since pictures and stories can be easily posted in threads, I don't think the gallery or blog will add that much. In fact, by removing things from the threads, they may essentially get lost.

Pictures added in threads beg to be described and discussed. If you just throw a bunch of pictures in a gallery, it's much easier to leave it at that - without adding much additional value. Threads also make it easier to keep them on-topic - do you really want to become the site where people post all of their vacation pictures?

Actually, I think I'd rather see a way to add multiple attachments to a single post (e.g., multiple pictures) than a separate gallery.
I believe multiple attachments will be supported, it's something I have to confirm tho.

I see your point but im not sure that having a gallery will really take away from anything. The reason i think a gallery is needed is so that images don't get lost in post (How-To's and Articles) If your writing a how-to you dont want to use a Multiple attachment feature because then all your images will be at the very end of the post not allowing for step by step visuals. I know atleast one of my reviews and missing images right now because i used a third party site to store my images and that site for some reason removed those images. If they were stored on this server that would not be the case.

In addition if we had a gallery I think more people would want to post more images. How many times have there been request to see someone elses setup? Sure it might sound geeky to want to look at someone elses messy wires running all over the floor but face it...Were all nerds ;)

One of my favorite things to do at the avsforum is to simply browse through all the galleries and see what people have done with their theater setup. We have a theater section on this board also which doesnt get as much attention as I would like it to.

We can't FEEL each others experiences unless we do them for ouselves. We can't HEAR the experience nor can we SMELL or TASTE it. The only thing we have left is our imagination(Reading about it) or actually visualizing it with Images.

The gallery would add organization to the forums. It would eliminate any need of having to host your own image on another site and possibly losing that image. I think a gallery should be used.
It will be ready when it's ready ;) Actually, I am hoping to have the forum/portal up and running in a few weeks (at least up to the level we are at now, but with the new backend) so I can work on the new features in the background while enjoying the benefits of the new backend.

edit: I just read your post Squintz, images that belong to a how-to/review/article will be hosted by CocoonTech (they are already), just need to email them to me so I can upload them, but they won't be part of a Gallery as I don't want them accidently deleted. The gallery function would be for personal Cocoon stuff (so you can't use it as a host for other sites either, to avoid a serious increase in bandwidth cost).

You're not always around and im very impatient ;) Perhaps you could provide "Approved" members with an alternate method of uploading images to the server. Maybe a password protected site with a simple browse and upload feature. Having to e-mail the images to you isnt very "Automated". Maybe another good reason to expand the contributors groups and provide a forum just for them.

I still say a gallery would be very much enjoyed!