New home, some specifics now

Work2Play said:
I could design
Quick question:
If someone says this...are you, in fact, offering your services as a contractor?  [Paid, of course.]  Is this a cue I should be picking up?  :)  Sorry, I can be dense.
No prob... honestly I'm too far away to help with the physical installation so all I can do is recommend or even help you buy the right stuff.  My advice is free on this forum - it's a hobby for me; I do sell all the stuff we've talked about so if you wanted to buy from me, awesome - but it's no requirement.  I do this for paying clients nearby as well.
I just don't like to waste my time - but if you are in fact interested I can spec out a lot more of the specifics and give some options/opinions - just looking for hints as to what you're thinking so far.