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Staff member, The Broadband Alarm Company, today announced an industry-first feature, known as Fully Automated Sensor Telemetry (FAST). FAST lets the NextAlarm Abbra 2 Professional Series Security System send real-time status updates whenever an alarm sensor is engaged.

Normally, alarm systems will only send signals when an alarm is triggered, when the system is armed or disarmed, or when maintenance is required such as a low battery. FAST is more effective because it continually provides updates on the status of every sensor on the system (e.g., when a door or window is opened or closed). The FAST feature can be accessed by bringing up the status screen on NextAlarm’s website where it displays a list of all the sensors on the security system. It updates the account automatically in real time, showing when a sensor is opened or closed. For example, if a user is at work, he or she can check if a window was left open at home by simply checking his/her account on the NextAlarm website.

“The FAST technology brings alarm monitoring to a whole new level,” said Alex Elliot,’s founder and CEO. “This is the first publicly available, real-time system and keeps its owners informed every second of the day.”

At NextAlarm’s direction, Visonic designed and manufactured the NextAlarm Abbra alarm system and has offered it exclusively to NextAlarm in the new Abbra 2 alarm systems. FAST runs over NextAlarm’s ABN (Alarm Broadband Network), the industry’s first low-cost broadband solution for security system monitoring.

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