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this seems to be the place to start on this board so i will

I've been using x10 and distributed audio/vidio for quite a while now. However i've just crossed over into the world of computer control and to be quite honest, i'm so lost.

I've been using Homeseer for just over a month now, not the first software package i've tried but so far it seems to let me do the most or will if i ever figure what i'm supposed to be doing.

I've been on the HS board lurking about and reading everything i could but over there you seem to need to have a slightly higher level of knowledge than i have so far. I'll keep reading and trying to learn. I'm hoping this board is a little more newbie friendly, and maybe someday i'll even get to answer some other newbies dumb question :))


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Hi nightwalker,

Welcome to CocoonTech! We definitely are trying to be newbie friendly, so if you catch us having a geek moment (i.e. too much techno babble), feel free to let us know :). Please don't hesitate to post any questions you have, no matter how simple you think they might be, we are here to help!


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Welcome to the board. If you ever think any of your post are dumb just check out some of my post. They will make you feel much better :)