Novice Needs Advice on M1G Hardware Options


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I've decided to get an ELK M1G as the basis of a home security system. I have no idea what peripheral equipment to purchase to go with this unit. Here is my situation

I want to have space protection for two buildings, each two story and approx 2000 sq feet. There is about 10yds between buildings. The buildings are a mixture of concrete block and wood construction.

I want to have the M1G control unit in one building, and control both building security systems from that.

There is no convenient way to run wiring from one building to the other, so I am thinking that wireless PIR units will be needed for at least one building - the one without the M1G.

I would like this system to dial friends / neighbors when it is triggered. Due to rural location a radio phone link will be required.

Any ideas on brands / models of equipment I should procure ?

thanks in advance
Probably not what you want to here, but i have a similar setup, maybe 60 yds between the buildings. Convienent or not, i'd strongly reocmmend you hardwire. I droppeded (2) 2" conduit runs between them - one for power, one for everything else (data, fiber, low voltage, speaker, etc). Ya digging th trench was a pain the butt and i have conduit running up the walls, but it's behind a fence, so i don't care. I have gas, and pool solar lines running up in similar fashion - not pretty , but it's all functional. Once you're in the soffit, anything should be possible?

I agree that hardwiring is best, especially for security. But, if thats not an option, you probably want to use the Elk RF receive in the 'wired' building, and Caddx/ITI crystal based contacts and PIR's in the second building. It's not optimal but should work ok. You can treat them both as 1 system or split the second building into its own 'area' so you can arm/disarm, etc it separately. Only thing is there is no wireless keypad, so you would have to arm/disarm it from the main building or use like a wireless keyfob or something.

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Thanks for the input thus far. Perhaps burying conduit will be less trouble than looking after the wireless PIRs in the long run. An 'ideal' system or systems is going to be too expensive I fear - I get the impression that thisis one of those projects where you could spend almost forever (CCTV etc)