NX-8E or something else?

Jeff d

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BraveSirRobbin said:
Well, if you are going with the Caddx route, don't forget the serial cable adapter and the DL-900 programming disks!

May even want to throw in another motion detector and some glass breaks as well? Do you want to monitor a smoke alarm also? If so, order one of those while you have the credit card out.
I ordered the cable and already downloaded DL-900.

I'm holding off on the glass breaks and smoke detector because I was trying to keep the whole system under $300. I'll likely add them later.

I don't think I'll need more than 1 motion sensor. My house is only 1800 sq ft. and I'd only put the motion detector in the livingroom/kitchen/dining area. I think one will cover the whole area including the front and back doors if positioned correctly because it's one large room with no walls dividing them.

Does anyone know if I can hook up both the indoor 15W speaker as well as the 30 watt GE outdoor horn that I bought to the integrated siren driver or am I limited to one or the other? It was cheaper to get the fastpack with the indoor speaker than it was to buy the components separately without the speaker so I went with the fastpack.

Jeff d

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bfisher said:
I have two sirens attached to my siren output (I also purchased the fastpack)
Did you wire them in series, parallel or is there a 2nd connection for the indoor speaker?