OBi110: Tiny affordable PBX supporting multiple SIP trunks and Google Voice!

For those looking for more features like name insertion into caller id, automated outbound calls, etc you should look at asterisk. Surprised there hasn't been more here on this already. The obi110 works fine with it and gives you almost unlimited flexibility. For home automation you can interface to the obi110 or to asterisk that interfaces to the obi110. My plan is through asterisk.
I know there's been some offline discussion about it - and I'm pretty sure Dan had tried some of those options earlier in the game.

I was running Asterisk with FreePBX for a while on a tiny little SheevaPlug - that was pretty slick, but it needed some tweaks to reduce the number of writes to the SD card - after a few months it chewed up the SD card with excessive writes. There's a good forum about it at

After that failed I moved to 3CX for now to get up and running very quickly - and I've been running that for some time. I even run my business off it - using SIP trunks from Voip.MS - and have an IP phone on my desk; I put in $25 6 months ago and that's bought my 3 phone numbers and a lot of usage over the months before finally having to be refilled again; compare that to the ~$45 for a second phone line plus long distance and it's a no brainer!

And if you want to go stupidly simple and cheap, the other option is Ooma; pay about $200 for the device one-time, and you can port your existing landline number over - and without any fancy add-ons, you pretty much just pay the $3.50/month in taxes and you're covered - and that includes e911 (very important - you need 911 to work! and it won't with Google Voice). With e911 is an add-on for like $1.50/month or something cheap. Plug that back into your normal phones and you're done; it's transparent.
Amazon will have the Obi110 on sale as part of their Goldbox deal starting 11:00AM PST:

Since google is keeping the service free during 2012, I would strongly consider jumping on this (assuming it will be cheaper than usual), it really works well.
just got this email from obihai:

“Ring” in the New Year Holiday Special – OBi110 for $44.88 Sale Ends on Sunday (12/25)!
Use Coupon Code: “OBIGREAT” at checkout.
The OBi110 VoIP telephone adapter is now on-sale for $44.88 OBi110 from Amazon (with Free Shipping). Use the OBi110 device to set-up a super-low-cost (or free*) VoIP service with your broadband Internet router and any regular home telephone. Select the link and use coupon code, “OBIGREAT” at checkout on deal isn't great,, especially for a 100 at that price. Amazon has had the 110 for $50 for some time and the 100 is slightly cheaper (usually). It doesn't have the POTS incoming line jack. The Amazon discount is a good find. IMHO
I got an OBi110 a couple of weeks ago and ported my home phone over to a GV account (had to first port it to a prepaid cell phone since GV won't port a landline number). I also set up Callcentric account to provide E911 service. The E911 service costs $1.50 per month. It took a little work, but everything is up and running and I have even made a test call to the 911 system to confirm that is working properly. The call quality is really good too.

What I really want to do now is set up an Asterisk system - perhaps using FreePBX. But one step at a time I guess. I really enjoyed being able to drop the $39.99/mo (which was really $55/mo after taxes and fees) cable phone service we had.
Love our setup - it's been 5 months and the only time I even think about it is when someone posts on this thread. Didn't someone mention GV was not to be free forever? How much is that going to add if we have to pay?
Google announced that this year is free again, and I am sure the next few years will be as well. Been using it here since I first posted, and you can't beat the bang for the buck, even if Google starts charging tomorrow.
FYI: OBi110/Google Voice bugs.

etc6849 and I have developed a Premise driver for the Obi110. It uses a Perl script to read the Obi110's syslog messages (via UDP), filters them, then sends simplified commands to Premise via TCP. This project has exposed us to some of the OBi110's bugs when employing Google Voice. I use so I'm unaffected by the bugs.

According to etc6849, the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) function is fubar when using GV. This observation has been confirmed by others on the ObiTalk forum. In addition, the latest firmware, 1.3.0 build 2669, introduced a new bug in syslog. One of the messages that was used to report outbound calls is no longer reported (when you use GV).
In the beginning I remember trying to make a stuttering dialtone function with reliability. It was slow to turn on if at all as people are describing in that forum. Fortunately it's used for my wife's business so she is at the computer anyway to see vm's.

Curious if there are alternatives that work better. To me, the fifty bucks (or however much) has paid for itself. I might be open to a newer product.
Old thread, but I just wanted to post a small update, since I am still using this device.

It's working REALLY well, and just yesterday, I used my All-In-One printer to send out a fax using my Google Voice/OBI110 powered phone network, and didn't run into any issues (thought for sure this wasn't going to work). I still highly recommend this device!
I've also been using an obi110 since very early in this thread after your first post got me to research it, and I'm really happy.. and you've just given me hope that if my alarm panel tries to dial out, it might actually succeed (it's never tried since I've never had a "real" phone line).
Since you brought this up, I just wanted to offer this... I have all my trunks through - and I've been pretty happy with them. My wife kept needing to send faxes, so I finally set up my little linksys voip box to connect through the trunk, and I tried a few test faxes through efax - a few ended up jumbled, but I turned on the confirmation page and slowed down the fax speed to about 36K, and it's given me a 100% OK confirmation page OK. And thanks to state/government dealings, I've gotten quite a bit of usage out of it lately!