OBi110: Tiny affordable PBX supporting multiple SIP trunks and Google Voice!

I've also been using an obi110 since very early in this thread after your first post got me to research it, and I'm really happy.. and you've just given me hope that if my alarm panel tries to dial out, it might actually succeed (it's never tried since I've never had a "real" phone line).
I wouldn't rely on this for safety, but my M1 has no problems dialing my cell phones to relay voice announcements. Hasn't failed yet, but since you are relying on a free 3rd party voice service, using an internet connection, I wouldn't trust it as a life saving device tho.
Since you brought this up, I just wanted to offer this... I have all my trunks through - and I've been pretty happy with them. My wife kept needing to send faxes, so I finally set up my little linksys voip box to connect through the trunk, and I tried a few test faxes through efax - a few ended up jumbled, but I turned on the confirmation page and slowed down the fax speed to about 36K, and it's given me a 100% OK confirmation page OK. And thanks to state/government dealings, I've gotten quite a bit of usage out of it lately!
While I still have the service, I no longer use it. GV has been excellent, and now that I know it works with fax machines as well (confirmed by sending a fax to, I can't imagine needing anything else.
That's probably a great option for most people. The only reason I do anything different is for the business aspect.
1. I can use a SIP client to make/receive calls from my office extension from anywhere (yeah, GV does that too)
2. I can control my Caller ID so my company name shows when I call people if they have name service on.
3. I have multiple lines and multiple extensions that can transfer between each other.
4. I only use IP phones in my house.
If I am not mistaken, the Obi110 can be made to work with other SIP installations (such as 3CX), would be interesting to find out if it would allow me to use a standard softphone with the Obi110.
Noob here to obi110. Hoping someone seasoned to this can help out. I am trying to access vm from my home phone connected to obi110. I call my gv # from the home phone and it wants a pin. I enter a pin and it says its wrong. I changed the options in settings to not need a pin, but it still prompts for one. Lastly I set a new pin from google voice web page, but when I call my # it says it is still incorrect. I tried deleting google chat and re-adding, but the issue persists. I did not see an email saying there was a temp pin assigned to my #. Thanks guys.