Ocelot & Z-Wave


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Is there any news yet if there will be an add-on module which will provide a Z-Wave interface to the Ocelot? This is the only thing stopping me from migrating to Z-Wave.
I'm not holding my breath on this one.

I love my Ocelot, but ADI's main business seems to be in "industrial" control markets.

I don't think they are driven by what the HA market wants.

They just build solid as a brick products that always work.
Dan Boone from ADI posted this answer on their forum on November 11.

"It's on the list.
The hardware is easy.
C-Max support is more difficult."

So, I'll eat some crow about my response above. The original thread started on March 29, and had been kept alive by bumps, until Dan finally posted the above.

Guess we will have to wait on the next version of CMax to see Zwave support.
Maybe it would be easier to implement UPB or something? We need something better than X10
It will be interesting to see the maturity of UPB. Right now its expensive, though I believe this technology will be the way to go over traditional X-10 and Z-Wave.

Of course all of this is just my opinion. I described more about UPB and some "predictions" HERE also. ;)
I saw that post, that's some great information (time to add your wording to the Glossary ;))! Right now the UPB hardware seems to be in the same range as the Lightolier hardware, so to me that's an acceptable pricing structure (for now that is) for early adopters. It looks promising for sure!
Yes, just to clarify, that's my opinion ;)

I think the BEST combination would be for UPB products to come down a little (not much, just a little to make their pricing comparable to other existing products) and compatibility with the Elk M1 Gold system. You would have a killer combination as that is basically all you would need for your entire HA system.

Of course additional PC based systems such as Homeseer, Main Lobby, NetRemote, etc... would add the icing on that cake!
I believe the Elk M1 system already supports UPB if I am not mistaken, so that would be a great solution.
I believe the Elk M1 system already supports UPB if I am not mistaken
You are correct.

I'm not sure how much UPB equipment prices are going to drop. My understanding is that part of the licensing agreement from PCS (inventor of UPB) is a pricing limitation/structure.