Oh No!


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Due to technical issues, we lost all data again including backups. Fortunately we have a backup of a backup, which was a day old (January 11th, around 06:00 EST), so we restored it and things should be back up and running. We did lose some posts that were made after 7am yesterday morning, and we would like to apologize for this inconvience. Thank you for understanding and your continued support!

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Electron did a great job of restoring the whole site within a couple hours of the disaster and we only lost 1 days worth of posts. This was a problem with the web host and outside of CocoonTech's control.
I take that back... I just noticed ;) I found myself reading all the same post that I read yesterday morning. Talk about a case of deja vu!
I think E made an error when searching for hosting, I think he typed in hosteling instead.

They do offer great accomodations though! ;)
Rupp said:
Does the hosting service not have hot swappable drives?
It doesn't matter if they have hot swappable hard drives, the data was 'deleted' by a software package, wasn't just some corruption, not much I can do if it was done 'by design'.
You just wanted to eliminate my pot stirring comments... be honest....


Glad to see you didn't lose too much.....