OK to power an M1XEP with an ELK P412K?


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In my quest to eliminate wall-warts, I want to power my M1XEP using a P412K Power Supply. However, I measured the outputs and found that the P412K provides 13.75VDC whereas the M1XEP's wall-wart supplies 12.5VDC.

I can't find anything in the M1XEP's documentation that specifies a tolerance range for its supply voltage. Will the extra 1.25V pose a problem for the M1XEP?
Elk specs are 12v.

I agree with rfdesq that, being from ELK, they *should* work together. But, as mentioned by brotsten, the specs say 12VDC and add "from Elk-P1216 Plug-in Power Supply". The P1216 supplies 12.5V and not 13.75V.

Can someone from ELK confirm that it is safe to use the output from a P412K to power the M1XEP?

BTW, the P412K's outputs have labels indicating "12V" and the unit is sold as a 4 Amp 12VDC supply. That's what led me to believe I can use it to power the M1XEP ... until I measured the actual voltage it produces.
Maybe this will make you feel more comfortable. I've been feeding all of a customers ELK peripherals (XIN, XEP, XSP, etc.) from a P412K for the last six months with nothing but good performance.
All of the ELK Products equipment that is "12 Volt DC" operation is designed to work up to 15 Volts DC. The normal float battery voltage on a 12 Volt power supply is 13.8 volts, so you will see that voltage coming out of the battery backed up power supplies.
ELK's Chief Engineer gives the thumbs up and rfdesq has successfully field-tested it for several months ... yeah, I'm definitely comfortable now!