Elk M1 power for glass break and motion detectors


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I'm new to the Home Security and Automation hobby, and have a question about setting up my Elk M1 gold alarm with 6 each Visonic Glasstech glass break detectors (9 - 16V at 20 mA) and 1 each Bosch Blue Line Gen2 ISC-BDL2-WP12G motion detector (9 - 16V at 10 mA).  I will also have a total of 13 window and door hardwired Hall effect (magnet) sensors.
I see that the Elk panel can supply 50 mA to numerous outputs.  I am not clear if these are intended to drive relays and the Elk switches them on and off, or if I can connect these to power the glass break and motion sensors.  I was not able to find the voltage for these outputs either.
All I have ordered at the moment is:
Elk M1G panel
Elk M1XEP ethernet interface
Elk M1KP2 keypad
Elk SS15 siren horn
Do I need additional components or power supplies to power the sensors?
Thanks for the advice,
PS - I have a Yale YRD240 keyless touchscreen Zwave deadbolt that I intend to use to arm/disarm the alarm by interfacing using Homeseer or Vera, but I will post those questions in the home automation forum.


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The glass break and PIR detectors would get their power from the VAUX power outputs on the left side of the board, up to a combined limit of 1.0A current.
The 50 mA outputs you refer to are Out7 to Out16 on the right side of the board and are used as control interfaces to drive relays and such.