Old Speaker Connections


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Hello all,

I received a pair of older speakers from my grandfather (Realistic Mach Ones) but to be honest I have no idea of what to do with these older style connections.

I'm sure if I knew what type of connectors these were I could just do a quick web search to figure out what I'm going to do.
All and any help is appreciated!
They are just screw terminals. There is also an RCA connector in parallel for use with HiFi systems with an RCA type speaker cable (vintage 70s). Just ignore it and use the screw terminals.
Holy cow. I just tossed my pair of them around a month ago. Had them since I used to sell them in college! On mine the woofer surrounds basically disintegrated, at their age you may want to check them before you fall in love with them. They were good speakers in their day, but they are, ahem, old.
Chaune, I honestly thought that your original question was just a joke. I guess that shows my age! I thought that screw terminals were the 'standard'! (LOL)