Omni ProII issue with zone one expansion cabinet


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Hi all,
first time I am posting here. I have an Omni pro II which has two expansion cabinets and a wireless receiver. The two expansion cabinets are installed in the same closet where it servers sensors on a large floor. Two on my zone on the 2nd cabinet went into a trouble state a few days ago. The readings were 176 and 199 respectively on the PCaccess. All the loops have a 1K resistor commensurate with the expansion cabinet install. I checked the zones resistances using a meter and they're reading 0.980K approximately.
When I disconnect the loop it's reading around 199 on PCaccess. I installed a 1K resistor across it and still the same thing. Is this a bad zone? Is this repairable?


Here all of my loop values are either 148 or 253 with 1K ohm resistors at EOL for my OmniPro 2 panel zones. 
Here soldered and heat shrinked the EOL resistors at EOL.  Many times noted here that folks crimp the EOL resistors in place.  If the crimp is not tight enough on a straned wire (say 22/2 or 22/4 alarm wire) then it can come apart over time.
Remove the resistor and disconnect the wires from the panel on one side and switch on the other side and test the pair of wires with a VOM shorting one side or the other.
Years ago here had one issue with a too tight of wire near an exit door frame and the door settling which stretched the wire until it broke over time.  It was my fault here for having installed the contact switch wire too tightly.