OmniPro II Audio Integration


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What other of Audio receivers integrate with HAI OmniPro II so that the console keypads can control and view the audio functions and information.

I know of Nuvo Essentia ( ) and Russound CAV 6.6 ( ).

So which works better: Nuvo Essentia or Russound CAV 6.6

Are there any CD players that will work well with this so you can see the info on the CD player through the touch pad?

Are there any MP3 Players that integrate well with the audio so you can see what the song is, etc?
I could have sworn it was the Nuvo ones that integrated directly with iPod's but the ones on their site look like the russound ones, not what I remember seeing.

I'll try to find what I saw (blue screen and silver bezel I think it was) as it did integrate with iPods.

The other ones may as well, just havent looked as closely at them.