OmniPro II Consultant Wanted


New Member
Hi, I have an OmniPro IIe & I am seeking a consultant to help me with the following integration issues.
-Integrate Omnipro with Alexa so that I can control my 4 HAI RC 2000 Thermostats via Alexa. I have a HomeSeer and many Echo Dots.
-I am unable to control my thermostats with my Omnitouch 7 panels. They read the temp but don't change the temp on the RC2000 when changed on the Omnitouch 7.
- Zwave switches need to be added to OmniPro II.
- I have a 2-way communicator board I cant get going, 
- 2N doorbell that is working via SIP. Would love to get the SIP to work via Alexa (if such a way is possible).
-Integrate my Hikvision Cameras with Omnitouch 7.
-Anything else (would love to use my motion sensors to trigger events).   
This work could be done remotely (maybe) Teamviewer. I do have Dealer PC Access 3. I live in northest Massachusetts if someone is local.