OmniPro II discontinued


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OK... I'm finally resolving myself to the fact my OmniPro is no longer something that the vendor wants to exist in the universe... It's a sad day.
But I have all these sensors and wires on my doors, windows, motion, etc.... Plus I have big keypads by the door for the security system and a nice sized hole in my wall for the brain that controlled everything....
What's the best course of action I could take if I wanted to replace this with something that the manufacturer actually supports and is proud of?  Is Elk the best "replacement" for the Omni line?  Can I still use my hard wired sensors?  I can't imagine why I wouldn't be able to... They're just magnets and reed switches for the most part.
Anyone else have my pain and find a solution?
I'm using Home Assistant for home automation with a lot of my zwave stuff so I'd like a solution that would integrate with that... I don't need a home automation panel, per se, since HA is now handling that task.
I am still using my OmniPro 2 panel and it continues to run fine.  In the last few years have been collecting "hot spares" of this and that widgets that I use with the OmniPro 2.
That said if it still working for you then continue to utilize it.  If it "breaks" Leviton will repair it.
Buy a hot spare OmniPro 2 panel if you want.  These combo alarm panels were meant to last forever (literally).  There are folks here on the forum still using first generation Omni Panels with no ethernet connectivity.
The above said you can keep you stuff and purchase an Elk panel.  Only your old consoles will not work with the Elk panel.  You will need to change the end of the line resistors to a value that works with the Elk panel.
My advice.  Get a home automation hub that works with Z-Wave and is compatible with both Home Assistant and the Omni Pro II.  Let Home Assistant do its things with the hub and the hub its thing with the control panel.  This would be far cheaper than replacing the alarm panel that you have.  If the alarm panel does what you need it to do, why replace it?
Here is an example:
Or this, Home Assistant directly to the Omni Pro II:
So you need to ask yourself why you're looking at a new alarm panel.  If the current panel doesn't meet the security needs, sure a replacement might be required.  if the current panel is meeting those security needs, then why replace it?  It is not like people with an Interlogix based system need to rush out and buy a new panel because UTC has left the market, the panels still work.  I have my panel working with my HA system.  I see now need to switch to an Elk.  When there is a failure and components are not readily available, then it is a different story.
Here running Homeseer / Omni Alarm plugin and Home Assistant Omnilinkbridge on the same computer. 
Homeseer 2 connected to the OmniPro 2 panel via a serial port way back.  Homeseer 3/4 connects to the OmniPro 2 panel via Ethernet.
You also have OpenHab to choose from.  
Using automation software is an addendum to the core automation lines in the Omnipro 2 panel.  It's always been like this.
Hi everybody
Now that the omnipro II is discontinued I was wondering if anyone has and is willing to share, the ver. 4.0b eprom bin file for the old board (UV old board chip). 
While Leviton killed the Omni product line, there is still a level of product support. I needed a copy of Dealer Access PC and they cheerfully sent me the file.