open neutral on correctly installed outlet


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anyone know what to do if an outlet shows open neutral but there is nothing wrong with the outlet itself and is installed correctly?

How did you test this and can we say the outlet isn't providing power.
Double check the neutrals if they are spliced in the outlet box for good connections.
Next thing I guess is work back to the source feeding that outlet and see if it is correctly connected. If it is all the way back to the breaker box then it could be broken in there.
What happened to me once is the electricians that installed the wiring in my old home just flat didn't screw down all the neutral connections inside the breaker box (neutral bus bar) and the wire just sat inside the terminal not making any connection.

Another item as was previously suggested may be the neutral is not making connection at the outlet or the wire is broken, maybe behind the outlet when it was installed or inside the breaker box.

Do you have one of those "plug" testers with the three lights?