Outdoor UPB?


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I need to put some lighting in our drive way. There is an easy way to do it based on power that is already out there for an always on light (it is light sensitive and has a dedicated unswitched run). I could easily put a little outdoor e box at the base of the light with a couple of UPB switches that could control the new lights. Can SAI, HAI, or PCS switch survive in an environment protected from rain/moisture but exposed to low temps in winter (Seattle minimum around 20F). If this could work it would save me ALOT of digging.
SAI specs are 30-120°F (0-50°C), however PCS and HAI specs are -40 F to 104 F. Looks like SAI is designed for warmer climates and HAI and PCS for colder??? Anyway, you should be well within spec with HAI or PCS.
I would be more concerned with heat instead of cold. Also I maybe would use a hard wired dimming device and then have a transmitter somewhere else for manual control.
I use the SAI appliance modules outdoors, and have 0 problems. I am in Central NY, known to get many feet of snow in quick periods, so they have seen very low temps. No problems at all. The only thing I don't like is that they discolor fast because of the sun, so I am switching the outlets to an inline UPB relay module, but that's the only reason.