[Review] Review: SmartHome Ltd., SUPerB™ UPB™ hardware


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Over the last few months I have been testing some [COLOR= dodgerblue]S[/COLOR]UP[COLOR= dodgerblue]er[/COLOR][COLOR= blue]B[/COLOR]™ (UPB™) hardware which may have not even been considered by some Cocoontech members.
This hardware is made by SmartHome Ltd.in Israel (http://www.shlhitech.com). They make both 50 and 60 Hz versions, which can support 120VAC or 230VAC. Based on the product which I received and the feedback I assume their market was initially intended for 230 VAC/50 Hz as they only have the European style plugs on the Powerline interface, but I was told they would be getting in US style hardware “soon”. In my case I used an adapter.
Their product line currently consists of
SHLM1 – Lamp Module, Available models: B, I, D *
SHLM2 – Lamp Module – dual, Available models: B, D *
SHAM1 – Appliance Module, Available models: B, I, D *
SHAM2 – Appliance Module – dual, Available models: B, D *
SHATM – Astronomical Time Module, Available models: B, I, D*
SHOCM – Output Control Module, Available models: B, I, D *
SHOLT – Controlled Outlet
SHMCM – Motor Control Module, Available models: B, I, D*
SHICM – Input Control Module, Available models: B, I, D *
SHRWS – Remote Wall Switch
SHWS1D-R Wall Switch Dimmer
SHWMC8 – Wall Mount Controller
SHPIM – Powerline Interface Module, Available models: RS232, USB
SHPPM – Powerline Plug Module
* [SIZE= 11pt]The (B) is a box module that can be fixed on-the-wall.[/SIZE][SIZE= 11pt][/SIZE]
[SIZE= 11pt]* The (I) is an insert (plug-in) module.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 11pt]* The (D) is a DIN Rail module.[/SIZE]
The [COLOR= dodgerblue]S[/COLOR]UP[COLOR= dodgerblue]er[/COLOR][COLOR= blue]B[/COLOR]™ product line implements GEN II UPB™ technology.
My evaluation consisted in testing the following units in the 120VAC 60Hz configuration
SHLM1 Model D
Because the SHOCM and the SHLM1 units I received were DIN rail mount units they had screw terminals for both power and output connections. I found, these easy to work with and a short “inside use” extension cord cut in half worked good for making my power and output connections.
Setup and Configuration:
Once I got the hardware wired for testing I proceeded to open the UPStart version I had from SAI, I figured UPB is UPB right? Wrong. I could see the hardware but not control the device, and the only tabs visible, was the basic programming information and the communication test tab. After talking with SmartHome Ltd. They informed me I needed to use their “SUPerBuilder” software which is downloadable from their website. So I proceeded to download and install it. I performed an export from UPStart, and imported it into SUPerBuilder. My devices showed up programmed as expected. Basically SUPerBuilder is a complete rewrite of UPStart by SmartHome Ltd.’s programmers. To make it easier to translate to other languages and a few other reasons. Once the devices are programmed they are like any other UPB device and you communicate with Device ID’s and Link numbers.
Testing Phase:

Because the SHPIM I received required an adapter, I only performed limited testing on this unit. I was able to send and receive UPB commands with all devices on my network. In my network I have hardware from other UPB manufactures (SAI and HAL) I was originally concerned with interoperability. Once I connected the PIM to my computer and loaded their software (see more information below), and imported my UPB export file from UPSTART I was able to communicate with all devices.
The SHOCM device is a dual channel Output Control Module. I used this device to perform resets on my wireless router and firewall during recent internet problems I have had. Basically the SHOCM has two relays which are controlled by the UPB signals. So I connected these in series with the power wires connecting to the two devices I was having problems with and could turn them on and off with a simple UPB command. This next year I think I will test these with my Halloween decorations, and pop-up’s.
The Third Device which I tested was a single channel lamp module, this device did not get extensive testing, but was connected for a few weeks in place of my normal HAL plug in module I use to control my outside Christmas lightning. There was no missed ON or OFF, commands and it performed flawlessly until it was time to put away the decorations until next year.
The Programming button on these devices are not recessed and is easier to press then most UPB devices. With the DIN mount and Box style units I can see users placing them into plastic electrical box and for multiple purposes ex. Irrigation control (SHOCM), outdoor lighting control of multiple branches(SHLM), and other holiday decoration.) There is no “derating” information provided for multiple devices ganged in one box, but the SHLM1 is a 1000 W unit and the SHLM2 can also only control a combined 1000 W between the two channels.
The only down side(s) I see to these devices is that they are not compatible with UPStart versions which we may already be using for our other devices, but I was told a new version of SUPerBuilder is n the works that can be used to program all UPB devices, and would be much more user friendly. And that they did not have US style devices, and I needed to use an adapter for the PIM, I believe this would also be the case of any of the plug-in style devices, on both the plug and receptacle. But when I received my unit I was told that the US 110 VAC style would be available soon.

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