Panasonic BL-C10A Wired Network Camera

I'd rather get this off of Martin for $149.99, free shipping if you order now, AND it's purchased off of a known reputable dealer (that's worth the four extra bucks). :p

EDIT: I'm not saying there are any problems with that dealer, I'm just a little leary of EBay purchases and if I can pay a couple of extra bucks to avoid it, I will. Of course this is my own opinion. :p
Great price, I have been looking for the wireless model I have the Panasonic BL-C10A Wired Network Camera, I'm very pleased with the wired model and how well it works
I am a newbie with cameras. I would want to:
  • See camera output on TV channel
  • PVR recording
  • Remote web access
Looks like this model would already do the recording with included software but doesn't look like web serving capability is built-in. Also, not sure what hardware would be needed for TV channel access.

I eventually want a good night vision camera but that would require an outdoor camera with could withstand colder temperatures here near Chicago. I just want to get started and keep costs down.

Would this be a good starter and what else would I need to meet my objectives?