PCS Announces Price Reduction


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PCS, lighting control manufacturer and inventor of the award-winning UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) technology announced today that it has reduced the price of its PulseWorx lighting control products, some as much as 50%.

PCS, a Northridge, CA based manufacturer of lighting control products has announced reductions on its entire PulseWorx product line ranging from 20% to 50%. "Due to increased production levels, we're able to get better pricing on our parts," explains PCS VP and Director of New Business Development and Licensing, Stan Mann, "we're delighted to be able to pass those savings on to our customers."

PulseWorx is a complete Lighting Control System that uses existing powerlines to give residential customers one-touch control over their home's lighting. PulseWorx products are designed to work within the current framework that already exists in the home requiring no new wires. The PulseWorx product line consists of dimmers, keypad controllers, interface devices, plug-in modules, and set-up software.

PulseWorx is sold through Authorized PulseWorx Dealers, Wholesale Distributors, and professional integrators. These representatives sell, install, and support PulseWorx products to residential customers. For more information please visit http://www.pcslighting.com or call 818-701-9831.

About PCS Lighting:

Founded in 1992, PCS ( http://www.pcslighting.com ) has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing reliable, high-quality lighting controls for the residential and commercial markets. PCS products are designed to work on standard power lines, using the power line to communicate control signals without any additional wiring. Over the past four years PCS has been dedicated to the development and deployment of the Pulse Position Modulated UPBâ„¢ communication technology.
So now they cost the same as the SA UPB switches right? They probably had to to ever get rid of them.
didn't they just announce a price reduction a week or two ago? or is this just a formal announcement of the old rumor?
When the rumor first hit Cocoon I went out and tried to find $45 UPB switches....of course I failed.

Anyone find any of these things at these prices yet?
Chakara said:
When the rumor first hit Cocoon I went out and tried to find $45 U P B switches....of course I failed.
If you are looking for switches under $45, then you spelled it wrong... it is spelled I N S T E O N :D
As far as the PCS switches go, we are a distributor for them and as a distributor, we can't sell them retail. Our dealers however can.

I would suggest going to Tech-Home (a frequenter of this board too) to get your PCS switches if you're interested. Brian is currently in the process of adding these items to his site.

Don't expect a $45 price though. These switches will still be more expensive than the SA or HAI switches but you'll also have options for up to a 2400 watt UPB dimmer switch!